Combine Data From Other Devices In Overview Reporting

The RS-330 Provides Exceptional HD OCT Images To Provide Valuable Diagnostic Insights

NAVIS EX, the software platform for the RS-330, is designed to easily assimilate data from other devices and present reports combining results from these devices.

The video at right shows how easily data can be added by dragging and dropping images.

NAVIS EX can also be setup to upload data from designated folder for more expeditious integration. 
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INNOVA's Technical and Clinical Support Team is available to troubleshoot problems or remotely discuss and demonstrate the RS-330's advanced diagnostic tools. 

Online resources with videos and supporting material is available online 24-7.

User's Group Meetings are held regionally every year.

Advanced Cross Platform Reporting
  1. Data sets
    Data sets
    The NAVIS EX Imaging Database includes a powerful report generation program that can combine images from multiple devices into one comprehensive report.
  2. Report
    Anterior Segment Report showing OCT image, Pachymetry Map from the OCT and the Corneal Topography from the OPD Scan.
Other RS-330 Advanced Capabilities

The RS-330 SD-OCT with HD Digital Retinal Imaging Has Many More Features To Benefit Your Patients and Your Practice.